x2013 Jenn’s Family Christmas wishlist


Money towards dental work

Money towards 2 new back tires for Scion

Gift card for shoe place

(Really need good tennis shoes, but my sizes vary depending on shoe)

Tanning gift certificate (Really helped my mood when I was tanning)

or a SAD light

Gift certificate for Move out house cleaning we can use when we move in March

Gift Cards for: Walmart, Winco, Costco

Bill payments (PGE, Water, Tmobile)

Snow Tires for my Scion XB

Trying to go practical this year because I have more needs than wants….


Small electric guitar amp with headphone jack (Headphone jack and being small is very important)

Straticaster Electic Guitar black from Guitar Center (Often has sale for $89)

House cleaning for move out in March

Driver for disc golf

Seahawks car flag

Seahawks fitted hat medium or 7-71/4

16 gig or higher flash drive

New guitar case

Costco Gift Card

Bill payments (PGE, Water, Tmobile)


New Shears,

New Clippers (hair)

Hair dryer

Hair straightene

r Curling irons

Hair combs

New Brushes

Leggings size L black and bright colors

Jeans size 11

Gift Cards for Platos closet, starbucks, Dutch Brothers, target, walmart, forever 21, payless shoe source

. Gift Cards for Victoria secret, Nordstroms, hot topic, zumies

Stuff for her car, car washes, Schucks, Baxters. Auto Zone, Napa

Payments for her bills